Get the computer you want.

We make it easy for you to get remote access to the exact computer you want. All the time. Everytime.
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Select your computer.
It’s as easy as you’d expect to pick the computer that you want. And don't feel presured to pick the "right" computer, you can switch specs whenever you want.
Get your dream computer.
Whether it is a quick edit or starting a major project you can get a computer that is matched with the exact performance you need.
Your own computer, everytime.
You get your own personal storage for all of your apps and files that you can plug into any of the remote computers.
Switch specs when you want to.
Because your files are stored seperately to any single computer you can switch specs and anytime.
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Use your new computer.
We setup the computer for you and give you the login info. From there you can use it as if it were infront of you.
Setup for security...
Everything from the network settings to the operating system is automatically secured for you and your safety. And once you are finished, your personal files are automatically deleted from the computer for your privacy.
and automation, too.
We also automated the routine tasks in setting up the computer for optimal performance so you don't have to waste time doing it yourself.
T-Minus 2 minutes.
From start to finish the process of setting up a computer takes approximately 2 minutes.1 Once ready you can log in and start using the remote computer.
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Download your files.
The files you save on the remote computer will apear on the dashboard of our web application. From there you can download your files whenever you want.
Always available.
Your files will always be available for download. You do not need to start a computer to have access to your files.
Securely stored.
Every file is stored securely and only the computers that you select will have access to these files. No other computer will have access to these storage spaces.
Stays in sync.
Every file you save to a specially marked folder is automatically synchronized to our web application.
How much does it cost?
Ready to try a new computer?
All you need is an email address and an internet connection.
  1. Startup times may vary, but are typically within 2 - 4 minutes.