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In One Motion is the web app to give everyone on your team access to powerful computers when they need them. It’s got a sleek design that helps everyone get started quickly. And with remote access to powerful computers to take on the most demanding tasks, it's the perfect way to keep everyone working from where ever they are.
1. Create an organization.
As easy as the name sounds. Just create an organization and invite members to join. You can then provide them with up to 48-core processors, 600GB of memory, and 4x 16GB graphics cards which are only a few clicks away. What’s more is you can manage everyone’s settings from one easy-to-use screen.
Always the right computer for the job. We are creative people too, and we know what computer settings we need for each job. In One Motion will recommend the right computer that works for you and the members of your organization. And you can always switch settings in just a few clicks.

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2. Create a computer image.
One for all. A computer image is like a shared hard drive that all of your project members can use with any computer. So you can create one image with all the apps your members need, and instantly give them access to it.
Ready to go. Having one image that is ready to go means that every member can get to the things that matter quicker without any redundant or complicated setup. For example, one member may need their own plugins and apps for their tasks and you can create custom computer image for them to use, while having a seperate custom image for yourself or other members of your organization.

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3. Create a computer.
Push to start. A the push of a button, In One Motion creates the computer for you and gives you the login info. From there you can use it as if it were infront of you.
Set up for security on the go. Everything from the network settings to the operating system is automatically secured so you can work from home or abroad with peace of mind. We also include complimentary SSL certificates that can be used to secure connections to the remote computers.
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All you need is an email address and an internet connection.