Helping designers, engineers, and creative people
work faster from home.

In One Motion: helping freelancers, businesses, and enthusiasts with better online-computers for 2 years.
In One Motion is your full-power,
remote work solution.
In One Motion was created so that people like you, who are focused on making the world better and not learning about hardware, can easily connect to Google's powerful computers from home so you can work faster and more securely.
"In One Motion was a complete blast to use on my last projects. Being able to get my dream computer from home is a game-changer, and I am excited to use it again in the future."

- Alex M., Toronto, Motion Artist

✓ Stop getting frustrated with slow computers
✓ Use better security to protect your work
✓ Works great for teams and individuals
✓ Ready in minutes, not days
✓ No tech team required
✓ Expert help and support included
For engineers &
science →
For media &
creativity →
For architects &
designers →
A world-class network.
A world-class experience.
In One Motion is built on the same networking system that Google uses, giving you a crisp and responsive user experience.
"I literally forgot I was on a remote computer. This feels great and now I can actually do the work I need to."

- Marcelo P., Toronto, Retail Business Owner

✓ Feels like your home computer
✓ Fast file transfers too and from cloud storage
✓ No IT networking knowledge required
A breakthrough in secure design.
We rolled cutting-edge security technology into every remote workstation. After every session the remote workstation you used is destroyed - giving you complete privacy.
"Erasing the storage after every use is incredible. It gives me such peace of mind knowing my company's & client's data is always private."

- Chris M., Toronto, Business Owner and Digital Marketer
0 Footprint Infrastructure. We reduce the potential for compromise by destorying any resources that are not being used.
Complete privacy. There is no risks associated with the long-term storage of your files because they are continously erased from the virtual workstation's storage.
Shielded Workstations (VMs). Every virtual workstation is hardened using a set of security controls that prevent against threats like remote attacks, privilege escalation, rootkits and bootkits.
Virtual Trusted Platform Modules (vTPM) A virtual Trusted Platform Module builds a virtual root-of-trust and we use it to help secure every virtual workstation.
"A strategic partnership to bring you exceptional value."
In One Motion Webapp Uptime.
Remote Computer Uptime.
Full Encryption of Images at Rest.
Work faster, safer, and save time and money.
"When we had to start working remotely one of the challenges we had was our team's laptops were not powerful enough to drive our work. Eric and the team at In One Motion were able to set everyone up in an afternoon and it was like we never left the office."

- Sophia C., Toronto, Creative Director

✓ Boost productivity with faster, online-computers
✓ Work more securely with cutting-edge technology
✓ Save time and money instead of managing physical computers
✓ Manage everyone's online-computers from one dashboard
✓ Expert help and support included to ensure your success
There is a small fixed monthly fee per member to cover overhead costs:

CAD $39.99 / Month to start an organization.
(Includes one admin membership.)

CAD $27.99 / Month / member
who joins your organization.

And a low hourly rate for each hour the remote computers are used during the month.
Buying computers
✓ In One Motion
4 cores - 8 vCPU   50GB Memory 1x 16GB GPU
MSRP: $5,098
C$ 3.00 per Hour
8 cores - 16 vCPU   100GB Memory 1x 16GB GPU
MSRP: $8,646
C$ 4.60 per Hour
16 cores - 32 vCPU  200GB Memory 2x 16GB GPU
MSRP: $15,118
C$ 8.75 per Hour
48 cores - 96 vCPU 600GB Memory 4x 16GB GPU
MSRP: $25,205
C$ 23.30 per Hour
Manufactures Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of similar computers and licenses as of Jan 1, 2021

Buying computers
✓ In One Motion
2.5TB - 2,560GB 500 active computers
MSRP: $6,458
C$ 2.35 per Hour
10.0TB - 10,480GB (BETA) 500 active computers
MSRP: $8,113
C$ 6.25 per Hour
Manufactures Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of similar computers and licenses as of Jan 1, 2021
Buying computers
✓ In One Motion
Processor only nodes
8 cores - 16 vCPU   60GB Memory No GPU
MSRP: $2,790
C$ 3.40 per Hour
30 cores - 60 vCPU   240GB Memory No GPU
MSRP: $6,272
C$ 11.40 per Hour
Graphics cards nodes
8 cores - 16 vCPU  60GB Memory 1x 16GB GPU
MSRP: $5,248
C$ 4.25 per Hour
8 cores - 16 vCPU  60GB Memory 4x 16GB GPU
MSRP: $13,939
C$ 7.30 per Hour
Manufactures Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of similar computers and licenses as of Jan 1, 2021
Computer rates include applicable taxes.
Here are a few frequently asked questions we get:
Can you help me pick the right computer?
Absolutely. We can discuss your unique needs and workflows to make sure you and your team get the right remote computer.
Do I need to start an organization to use In One Motion?
No, you do not need to start an organization to use In One Motion. You are given the option to request to join someone else's organization. Having said that you will have to be apart of an organization in order to use In One Motion.
Is there any support?
Yes. It is our mission to help you get the remote computer you need when you need it. As such we provide email support for all of our users both in trial, and who have a Membership.
How am I billed?
Pre-purchased credit is used in exchange for time on the computers. The timer starts the minute you start a computer to the minute you press the shutdown button. Time on the computer is rounded up to the nearest minute, and the amount of credit consumed is rounded down to the nearest cent. For example, if you use a computer for 19.3 minutes, you will be charged for 20 minutes.
Is there any guarantee?
Yes. We guarantee every computer we provide access to runs properly. For example: $0.00 in credit will be consumed if your selected remote computer fails to start properly. This control is automatic, and you do not need to contact us. Having said that please see our return policy for more information.
What software do I need to get started?
If you are using a Windows2 machine, chances are you already have all the software you need to connect to the remote computers. If you are on a Mac3 you will need to download another app in order to connect to the remote computers. We recommend this app which is free at the App Store.4 Your experience will also depend on the quality of internet connection you have: a better internet connection will give you a better experience.
Do I need my own licenses for software?
Yes. You will need to use your own software licenses when using one of the remote computers we provide access to. Please refer to your software's End User License Agreements / Terms of Service before using In One Motion.
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