In One Motion is about
Letting great ideas* come to life, because those are the ones that change the world.
*If an idea is important to you, it is great.
Everything great, started as just an idea.
It is this ultimate understanding that inspires every one in our organization to keep creating solutions for people who just have great ideas and need the tools in order to get the job done. We are here for them, because we know how important a great idea can be.
Our vision is
To live in a world where no creative potential is lost on computers.
In One Motion is a company that believes people are capable of great things when given the chance. It is this belief that drives us to bring innovation to everyone so that they can get the computer they need, when they need to keep creating. We do that by designing systems that are intuitive for everyone to use, powerful enough for the most demanding ideas, and finally, secure enough that we would recommend our systems to our friends and family.
Where we are today.
In One Motion has officially partnered with Google Cloud Platform. We are pleased to say that we have the experteise, determination, and now the technical resources provided by one of the world's most advanced companies to connect the right computer to anyone in North America in just 2 clicks and 2 minutes.
Photo of my father and I
From Eric, founder of In One Motion
Keep creating.
The story behind In One Motion Inc.
In 2016 my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer. When we were visibly close to the end of the battle I had decided to say goodbye by creating a short video of all the home videos that we had made over the years. The plan was to take the videos off my mother's external HDD and edit them on my computer. This is where the problems started.

The external hard drive that these videos were on was formatted for a different operating system than my computer's so I couldn't just plug it in. I then decided if I couldn't transfer the videos directly from the external hard drive I would transfer them to her computer and then use USB sticks to go from her computer to mine. So I went to the store and bought some USB sticks and tried to start the transfer when I found out that 4GB files can not be saved to a USB stick. I was then relegated to transferring the files by DVD, a time consuming endeavour but I was out of options.

For the next 4 days I frenetically copied the home videos from DVDs to my computer not knowing if I was going to finish in time. And then my personal computer's hard drive failed.

I thought for sure I was too late - that I had missed my window of oppurtunity. Luckily I was able to use my father's very old computer to edit the videos together. I was so happy to be able to show my dad what I had created, and I still watch the video to this day as a nice reminder of the past.

But it was in that moment that I was reminded how critical computers are especially for creating important things. I was lucky because I had a back up computer to finish my "project." Some of us though, are not as fortunate. Some of us have to contend with our computers being our limiting factor. Which is why I created In One Motion. I feel that you should always have access to a great computer that just works well when you need to keep creating.

Keep Creating.
Eric Acri.
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